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I enjoy studying with my classmates, because we make progress together, give feedback together, and have made good memories. The teachers are also very good, they take good care of our study and life, and give us good guidance.

Zheng Langxing
2022 Online Pre-Sessional English course

I found this course extremely helpful as it prepared me for studying at a British university. It has taught me how to participate in various activities, which will be beneficial for my future studies. Moreover, I appreciate the teaching style of the course.

Kaushalbai Patel
2022 Online Pre-Master's Programme

It may sound intimidating at first that you have to teach while you’re still technically learning to, but the course prepares you very well for it. We were taught in great detail how to best teach Grammar, Reading and Vocabulary lessons. Referring back to the lessons we were taught benefited me...

Meriam Bouarrouj
CertTESOL Student


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Oxford ELLT: Leading the Way in English Language Testing ...

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