Oxford ELLT Preparation Plus

Prepare for your Oxford English Language Level Test with our self-paced online preparation course - Oxford ELLT Prep+.

Practice your skills, understand the requirements and gain invaluable insight into the Oxford ELLT.

Available 24/7 on any device so you can practice and prepare in your own time.

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Why you should choose the Oxford ELLT Prep Plus?

  • Automated Question & Answer to practice your English language skills
  • Training videos & exercises to help you prepare for the ELLT
  • Instructional and tips videos from ELLT examiners and experts
  • Available on any device 24/7

Course Information

Course Details

Practice all the English language skills tested in your live Oxford ELLT. Automated question and answer materials with instant feedback to practice your reading and listening skills.


Training videos and exercises that help you to practice your skills and prepare for your ELLT. Let our ELLT examiners and instructors guide you to practice your English skills before you take the test.

Our ELLT experts and examiners will take you through all the components of the ELLT from sign-up to results. Get helpful hints, tips and insights into the ELLT from the experts who make and administer the ELLT.

Practice, learn and prepare anywhere you are with a responsive platform available on any device.
Easy to understand exercises, helpful guides and practice exams means you can prepare from anywhere.


The ELLT Prep Plus course costs £40 for 7 days full access

Entry Requirements

There are no entry requirements, simply sign-up today and start preparing for your ELLT.

You will need access to a laptop or smartphone with access to a reliable internet connection


This course helped to systematise my knowledge of English grammar and phonology as well as gave me some important tips on the teaching methods and techniques. The most valuable tip was how to maintain the balance between student talking time and teacher talking time. Might sound easy, but it's not!


Frequently Asked Questions

You can access the Oxford ELLT Prep+ course materials for 7 days, following the activation of your account.

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