Oxford English Language Level Test (Oxford ELLT)

The Oxford English Language Level Test (Oxford ELLT) brings language testing into the digital world. The test is a secure solution for assessing a candidate’s reading, listening, writing, and speaking skills for progression to higher education.

So far, over 100,000 students have taken the Oxford ELLT to pursue their international education and achieve their academic goals.

Oxford ELLT Partners

Why Oxford ELLT?

  • Trusted: Our test is internationally recognised and accepted by leading universities.
  • Secure: We apply rigorous security measures for a precise evaluation of English language proficiency.
  • Hybrid: A testing solution that combines online computer-based testing with live examiner interaction.
  • Fast: Verified results within 48 hours.

Oxford ELLT Tests

Oxford ELLT Digital

Oxford ELLT Digital is a fully online modularised test that can be completed from anywhere in the world. The test combines the flexibility of being fully online with the latest AI security measures and human proctoring, to ensure we deliver an accurate reflection of a candidate’s level. 

Oxford ELLT Global

Oxford ELLT Global is conducted safely and securely at authorised Oxford ELLT Global test centres worldwide. The test is designed to be completed in one sitting in a secure, accessible, and fully invigilated environment.

Score Mapping

Candidates receive an overall level, with individual scores for all four test components.  

The overall level reflects the average of the reading, listening, writing, and speaking scores, where each component is weighted equally. 


Oxford ELLT Components

Reading  Writing  Listening  


40 minutes 

32 questions 

2 texts   

45 minutes 

1 essay-style question 

190 – 260 words 

25 minutes 

28 questions 

3 audio tracks 

30 minutes 

4 sections 

live with an Oxford ELLT examiner 

Security Trusted by Universities

Oxford ELLT implements rigorous security measures before, during and after candidates complete their test to ensure a precise and reliable evaluation of a candidates’ language proficiency. These measures include: 

  • Candidate ID verification through TrustID’s Indentification Document Verification Technology
  • The latest AI proctoring and facial recognition technology
  • Video, audio and screen monitoring
  • Human proctoring conducted by trained Oxford ELLT Examiners
  • Results verification by our centralised Oxford ELLT academic team
  • Fully invigilated test centres worldwide for Oxford ELLT Global

Ecctis Review

The Oxford ELLT has been independently reviewed by Ecctis across grading, certification, marking, and moderation, and has been found to provide “a sound assessment of English language competency in listening, reading, writing, and speaking at CEFR levels B1 to C1”. 

Oxford ELLT Test Content Developed In-house

All Oxford ELLT content is developed and written in-house by the Oxford International English Language division. Questions are pre-tested using our global student network across the UK and North America. All content is independently moderated and subjected to checks using EAQUALS Core Inventory and ‘Track Test’ English Language Level descriptors. Oxford ELLT content is produced in 8-week cycles enabling the bank of test questions to be updated regularly. Test questions older than 3-months are removed and used as preparation materials.

Oxford ELLT Examiners

All Oxford ELLT Examiners are trained, standardised twice yearly, and moderated every 3 months. Each Examiner must hold a certified TEFL qualification, have five years ELT experience and at least two years of English language examining practice. 

Efficiency Provided by the Oxford ELLT Partner Portal

The Oxford ELLT Partner Portal provides access to manage candidates, download certificates, and verify results. Through a unique registration link created for each partner, partners are able to improve efficiency and increase the speed at which they process candidates. With online training and account management, Oxford ELLT is able to provide partner specific support. 

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