Prepare to study abroad

Get familiar with the cultural norms in your destination country.

Moving to study abroad can be daunting as students navigate the nuances of a foreign culture and language. The Oxford International Digital Institute prepares students for this exciting step in their lives through invaluable insights and advice from experts. Our course is holistically designed to assist students in assimilating into a foreign culture. Through insights into academic expectations to social situations, students gain guidance on making a seamless transition into life as a student in the UK.

Why Study Our Course?

This course has been created to enhance your language skills and ensure that you are familiar with social and cultural norms. Our course:

✔️ Is delivered online so you can study from anywhere in the world.

✔️ Offers guidance on making the most of your time in the UK.

✔️ Offers advice on teaching styles, social situations, and norms of everyday life.

What our past learners have to say.

I've had the possibility to practice the four topics which are speaking, listening, reading and writing and in addition in the VLC you can find lots of pronunciation exercises. It was really easy to use the online platform and the teachers were really helpful.


This course helped to systematise my knowledge of English grammar and phonology as well as gave me some important tips on the teaching methods and techniques. The most valuable tip was how to maintain the balance between student talking time and teacher talking time. Might sound easy, but it's not!


It was a great experience of the ELLT exam and I feel very happy with my result. OI Digital Institute not only give result but also comment on your task which is very helpful for us to improve. Team members are very co-operative in solving all queries and doubts.

Devendrakumar Panchal

Frequently Asked Questions

The Oxford International Digital Institute has brought on board a talented team of dedicated and highly experienced English Language professionals. Our instructors bring a wealth of experience to the classroom giving you the advantage of learning from their experiences.

Our course is delivered online allowing you study from your preferred location.

This course has been especially designed for students preparing to move to the UK for educational purposes.

This course will prepare you for life in the UK through familiarity with the English language, and local customs, social and cultural norms.

About Oxford International Digital Institute

Our course ensures that students are equipped to succeed as a student in the UK. Our course is:

✔️ Delivered by highly qualified instructors whose experience enriches the learning environment.

✔️ Designed to provide insight and advice about academic expectations, teaching styles, and social norms.

✔️ Delivered in an interactive learning environment.

✔️ Administered online to accommodate students globally.