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Introduction to CSS

Master the fundamentals of CSS and learn how to add and dynamically change the styling of your webpage.
50% Live Instructor-led online training , 50% On demand flexible learning (Best of both worlds!)

With live classes and collaborative task-based activities, this course provides a comprehensive introduction to the theory and practice of CSS for beginners.

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Dates Duration Weekly Study Mode of Delivery
2 weeks 5 hours Online with Live Sessions

This course includes:

✔️  10 hours total study time 

✔️  6 hours of live instructor led training, which includes 3 hrs of face-to-face tuition and 2 hrs of live lesson time as a group

✔️  4 hours of flexible asynchronous readings and activities

✔️  Certification of completion from the University of Greenwich

Easy to follow learning material.

Interactive learning environment.

Support from an expert tutor.

By joining this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the CSS box model, essentially a box used to wrap around HTML elements to apply styling.
  • Understand selectors and how to apply CSS styling to individual elements in your webpage.
  • Learn different approaches to styling your webpage and how to completely change your webpage design look and feel by adding and removing external CSS files.
  • Learn how to apply colouring and other styling tools in CSS
  • Learn how to create transitions effects between states of an element and how to add eye catching features to your design using animations
  • Learn how to completely change your webpage design look and feel by adding and removing external CSS files.
  • Understand different approaches to styling your webpage

Course Details

This course covers the topics below through a combination of independent study and live lessons with an expert tutor:

  • The Box model
  • Using Selectors to target html elements
  • Colour, formatting, texts and fonts
  • Transitions and Animations
  • Layout
  • Embedded, inline and external stylesheets
  • Responsive design

Our blended learning format (live instructor led + flexible learning) across 2 weeks is one of the best way to learn CSS basics online at a comfortable pace. Our courses are affordable and perfect for beginners.

Gain a competitive advantage by learning and getting certified with the University of Greenwich.

Students will be expected to carry out weekly two hours of asynchronous tasks which will be provided on a Moodle platform. Tasks will typically include reading tasks based on a particular topic. Students will also be expected to complete several activities prior to joining the live class.

The live class will be conducted on TEAMS with an emphasis on collaborative task-based coding activities. Students will be required to undergo an assessment at the end of the course to test the skills they have learned.

Introduction to the course, three ways to use CSS (inline, embedded and external stylesheets). CSS syntax and simple styling.

Introduction to id, class and tags. Using CSS selectors for id, class and tags.

Targeting elements and their siblings and child elements.

CSS fonts, sizing and formatting text, font style, text decoration, text alignment and spacing. Representing colours (Hexadecimal, RGBA), background images, borders, paddings and margins, width and height.

Transitions, transformations, and animations in CSS. Making responsive layouts for small screens. Making a full-screen responsive.

This course runs over a two-week period and requires 10 hours of study. This includes:

  • 5 hours per week (2 x 90mins online lessons + 2 hrs asynchronous flexible learning)
  • A practical assessment will be required at the end of the course which will be used to test key coding skills acquired over the duration of the course.

This course will provide students with the basic knowledge and skills required to carry out designing webpages. Students taking this course will already have a knowledge of HTML

Specially designed for any students who require a grounding in theory and practice of CSS.

Learning Outcomes:

• Selectors in CSS
• Colouring and Styling in CSS
• Targeting elements in CSS
• Transitions and animations

  • Proven Education Provider
  • Built on 30+ years of teaching experience
  • Student-centred approach, built on learning outcomes

OI Digital Institute is a division operated by Oxford International Education Group.

At the end of the course, you’ll complete a practical test to check your knowledge and understanding. Successfully completing the test will bring your course to an end and you’ll receive your certificate. You’re able to take the test multiple times to complete the course.

When you’ve finished the course, you’ll receive a certificate from University of Greenwich as evidence that you’ve attended and passed the course.

Meet our Expert Educatos

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Alistair Frame

Alistair is a Computing teacher and has over 10 years of experience in teaching International students. Alistair has taught in both public and private Universities in the UK and Spain.