Short Courses

Upskill and gain a professional certificate

The Oxford International Digital Institute offers a diverse selection of short courses in  Computer Science, English language, and Teaching. Our courses are tailored to suit the needs of students at various stages of their academic careers.

At the Oxford International Digital Institute, our focus remains on delivering a holistic learning experience that fosters personal and professional growth. Our short courses providing students with skills and knowledge they can apply to their chosen field.

Web developer bootcamp
Original price was: £190.Current price is: £99.
Introduction to JavaScript
Original price was: £190.Current price is: £99.
Introduction to HTML
Original price was: £190.Current price is: £99.
Introduction to CSS
Original price was: £190.Current price is: £99.
Computer science Bootcamp
Original price was: £713.Current price is: £570.

Why Study Our Courses?

Our courses are designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge you need in the next step of your academic journey. We offer:

✔️ Small classes with personalised support from our experts.

✔️ Course delivered online so students can study from anywhere in the world.

✔️ An affordable option

✔️ Timings to suit busy professionals.

What our past learners have to say.

This course helped to systematise my knowledge of English grammar and phonology as well as gave me some important tips on the teaching methods and techniques. The most valuable tip was how to maintain the balance between student talking time and teacher talking time. Might sound easy, but it's not!


The tutors support was excellent, both Jane and Lenka put a lot of effort and created the most welcoming atmosphere with very interesting input sessions, provided detailed guidance and support with the lesson planning, demonstrated delivery of high-quality lessons & gave very personalised feedback.

Alyona Jasper

The online classes are not that different from the ones you experience in school. You still get to speak to your teacher, my friends and play games together online. One of the best parts is that I can stay at home and study.


Frequently Asked Questions

The Oxford International Digital Institute has brought on board a talented team of dedicated and highly experienced instructors. With a wealth of industry experience, our instructors can help you upskill.

Our courses are delivered online and through live sessions. Click on your chosen course title to find out more.

Our English courses are designed to equip students with the English language tools necessary to navigate the modern corporate landscape. Students can learn and practice their English, learn business terminology and the skills required in professional settings.

Our Computer Science courses build strong foundations in AI, web design and more, allowing students to progress confidently onto specialised degrees in Computer Science.

For learners passionate about teaching, we offer a range of courses designed to equip students to teach young learners and teenagers among others.

About Oxford International Digital Institute

Our commitment to excellence in teaching ensures a transformative learning experience, equipping you with the language and technical skills you need to navigate your professional career with ease and confidence. Our courses are:

✔️ Delivered by highly experienced instructors backed by activities aimed at providing students with rigorous practice.

✔️ Administered online and through live sessions as we remain committed to making education accessible to all. Our hybrid mode of course delivery makes our courses highly convenient for busy professionals.

Our unique teaching methodologies ensure that students make measurable improvement in their English language and technical skills. Our students consistently rate us highly for our course offerings and quality of teaching.