Test Preparation

Receive expert guidance and prepare for your English language test

The OI Digital Institute offers a range of courses designed to help students taking the English proficiency tests required for a variety of career options. Our test preparation range provides targeted training to ensure that students have the language proficiency that meets industry and regulatory standards for their chosen field of progression.

Why Study our course?

Our courses are designed to help you prepare for your language assessment test and achieve the desired results. Our courses:

✔️ Are taught in small classes with personalised support from our experts.

✔️ Are delivered online so you can study from anywhere in the world.

✔️ Offer practice guidance on testing techniques and styles.

What our past learners have to say.

I've had the possibility to practice the four topics which are speaking, listening, reading and writing and in addition in the VLC you can find lots of pronunciation exercises. It was really easy to use the online platform and the teachers were really helpful.


It was a great experience of the ELLT exam and I feel very happy with my result. OI Digital Institute not only give result but also comment on your task which is very helpful for us to improve. Team members are very co-operative in solving all queries and doubts.

Devendrakumar Panchal

The online classes are not that different from the ones you experience in school. You still get to speak to your teacher, my friends and play games together online. One of the best parts is that I can stay at home and study.


Frequently Asked Questions

The Oxford International Digital Institute has brought on board a talented team of dedicated and highly experienced instructors who bring a wealth of industry experience to the classroom. Our courses ensure that students are well-prepared to appear for their language assessment tests.

Our courses are delivered online and through live sessions. Click on your chosen course title to find out more.


You can choose to enrol in course specific to your academic or professional needs. We offer a wide range of courses including:

  • Aviation English Test Preparation
  • ELLT Preparation Plus
  • English Language Test Preparation
  • IELTS & Cambridge Exams Preparation
  • OET Preparation
  • SELT Test Preparation

These courses are offered to students who are preparing for language assessment tests for various professions, higher education or for UK visa application.


About Oxford International Digital Institute

Our courses ensure that students are equipped to succeed in their chosen fields. Tailored to specific English proficiency exams, our courses ensure that you will excel in a variety of assessment formats. Our courses are:

✔️ Delivered by highly experienced instructors who bring experience and subject matter expertise to the classroom.

✔️ Designed to prepare students for specific language proficiency tests and to communicate effectively in professional settings.

✔️ Delivered in an interactive learning environment.

✔️ Administered online to accommodate students globally.