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The OI Digital Institute Spotlight Starter is a fully online Adaptive English language level indicator. Spotlight Starter provides a quick and accurate reflection of a student’s English language ability in just 60 minutes.

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Spotlight Starter

The OI Digital Institute Spotlight Starter assesses your English level on a 9-point scale in just 60 mins between CEFR levels A1 – B2. You are tested across four skill areas; grammar, vocabulary, reading and listening and issued with an OIDI score and certificate.

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Course Overview

The Oxford International Digital Institute Spotlight Starter is a fully online adaptive English language level exam that tests across a range from A1 – B2 (CEFR). Developed and delivered by Oxford International Digital Institute, thousands of test takers get certified annually.

You work through six specifically designed sections, known as Tracks, with each track either becoming easier, maintaining level, or increasing in difficulty depending on your performance in the previous track. Your level is determined during tracks 1-3 with 5 tracks confirming their specific English language ability. The user is then issued with a CEFR score based on their overall performance.

The Spotlight Starter test is conducted through a Secure Exam Browser (SEB*), an internet browser plugin that is a mandatory installation before their test. Through the SEB you can not:

  • Access other web-based applications
  • Reload or switch between web pages
  • Use shortcuts or hotkeys
  • Capture screenshots
  • Implement the clipboard (copy/paste feature is disabled)
  • Implement spell checking or 3rd party grammar software
  • Activate multiple screen extensions
The SEB is used in conjunction with standard proctoring features including video environment capture. Highly trained human proctors, with examining expertise view and report on any events that are captured through the SEB. Candidates will be contacted directly depending on the outcome.

There are no specific entry requirements for the test. OIDI Spotlight Starter can be taken by anyone who intends to check their English proficiency level as long as they meet the specified technology requirements.

Candidates taking the OIDI Spotlight Starter must do so using a PC or laptop with installed internet browser.

Recommended internet browsers include Chrome, Firefox, or Edge with a minimum internet speed
requirement of 1.5Mbps download speed. Minimum hardware requirements include:

• Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo (2.2 GHz or higher)
• RAM: 4.0 GB
• Hard drive: 120 GB
• Operating System: Windows Vista/7/8/10/11, MAC 10.7 or higher
• Webcam 1.3 megapixels or higher (640×480 minimum resolution)
• Audio: Speakers or headphones