Admissions Support for Universities

The Oxford International Digital Institute (OIDI) offers a comprehensive range of admissions support services to universities. We help universities to attract, recruit, and admit high-quality students from all over the world.

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About Oxford International Digital Institute

Oxford International Digital Institute (OIDI) is the global destination for high-quality, accredited online courses. We deliver quality education that is powered by digital innovation to provide endless opportunities for students and partners worldwide.

Our admissions support services include:

  • Pre-application support: We provide pre-application support to students to help them choose the right university and programme, and to prepare their applications. This includes help with writing personal statements, choosing references, and completing application forms.
  • Application review: We review and submit student applications on behalf of universities to identify the most promising candidates. We assess students' academic qualifications, personal statements, references, and English language proficiency.
  • Interviewing: We conduct interviews with students on behalf of universities. Our interviews are designed to assess students' academic potential, motivation, and fit for the university and programme.
  • Post-offer support: We provide post-offer support to students to help them prepare for their studies at the university. This includes help with pre-departure training , cultural assimilation and in-sessional support with English and other academic requirements.
  • Bespoke Support: We also offer a number of bespoke admissions support services to universities. For example, we can develop custom recruitment materials, provide training for admissions staff, and conduct market research.

Why choose Oxford International for admissions support?

1.Proven education provider:

  • Over the years we have supported over 500,000 students, via our seven embedded colleges in the UK and North America, our direct recruitment partnerships, vocational courses in Canada and through our Digital Institute.
  • In September 2022, we saw a 284% increase in applications processed. At the same time through process innovation, we reduced visa refusal rates to a record 0.3%.

2. Student diversity through local presence

  • Through a global network of 100 local recruitment professionals in 50 locations and a 2500-strong agent network we are where the students are, enabling student diversity.
  • Each year, we have 50,000 students from 100+ nationalities go through our courses.

3. Quality & efficiency at scale

  • We have a 200+ strong team of admission and conversion specialists focused on creating the best student experience and maintaining quality & compliance standards. They offer a 24/7/365 service support and respond within 24-48 hours.
  • We work closely with our partners to create a conversion process that meets and exceeds their needs and utilise effective proprietary models to eliminate fraud.
  • Through years of experience, we have developed robust quality standards that work, including multi-factor credibility screening workflows adapted to different local and destination country compliance requirements. This is showcased by our visa approval rates that are more than 99.5%. Fast and Efficient Mobilisation
  • From market presence development to optimising student recruitment, enrolment and everything in between, our model can respond to our partners’ most urgent and mid-term needs.
  • We recognise that project set up and new partner onboarding are foundations for achieving success and so we focus on build a strong partnership right from

Examples of admissions support services that we have provided to universities

  • We helped a university to develop a custom recruitment campaign for international students.
  • We provided training for the admissions staff at a university on how to conduct interviews with international students.
  • We conducted market research for a university to help them identify the best ways to attract and recruit students from China

How to get started

If you are interested in learning more about our admissions support services, please contact us today.