Oxford ELLT Preparation Course

Prepare for your Oxford English Language Level Test (Oxford ELLT) with our live tutor-led Preparation Course.

You’ll receive expert guidance on the techniques you can use to succeed when you take the test.

We help you to be as well-prepared as you can be by focusing on the four areas of the test – reading, listening, writing, and speaking.

What’s more, you can complete your preparation 100% online meaning you can access the support and resources you need without even leaving home!

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Why you should choose our Oxford ELLT Preparation Course

  • Delivered over four sessions (Monday – Thursday)
  • 90-minute sessions to quickly give you the information you need to succeed
  • Learn strategies and techniques to help you succeed in Oxford ELLT
  • Receive feedback from a real Oxford ELLT examiner so you can be as well-prepared as possible
  • Study 100% online so you can prepare from the comfort of your own home

Course Information

Course Details

You’ll study the course over four sessions (Monday – Thursday):

  • Monday: Course Overview & Listening Test
  • Tuesday: Oxford ELLT Portal Overview & Reading Test
  • Wednesday: Writing Assessment & Mock Test
  • Thursday: Speaking Test & Live Practice

All sessions include self-study homework, to be completed during the course for tutor review.

The Oxford ELLT Preparation Course is run every 2 weeks. Upon booking, our admissions team will inform you of the next available start date. Sessions are run at 09:30 am UK time.


Your first session will give you an overview of the course and prepare you for the Oxford ELLT reading assessment. You will learn about the different question types and types of audio tracks you will hear.

The second session will include an overview of the Oxford ELLT Portal. This includes information on how to register, pay and start your test. This session will also focus on the Oxford ELLT reading test and the skills needed to succeed.

In the third session, you will learn all about the Oxford ELLT writing assessment. During this session, you will also have the opportunity to complete a mock reading and listening test.

In your final session, you will cover the Oxford ELLT speaking test. You will practise with your tutor and learn the techniques and strategies needed to successfully achieve your required English level.


The Oxford ELLT Preparation Course costs £90.

Entry Requirements

Minimum Language Requirement: Oxford ELLT Level 2 / IELTS Level 4.0


I found this course extremely helpful as it prepared me for studying at a British university. It has taught me how to participate in various activities, which will be beneficial for my future studies. Moreover, I appreciate the teaching style of the course.

Kaushalbai Patel
2022 Online Pre-Master's Programme

I enjoy studying with my classmates, because we make progress together, give feedback together, and have made good memories. The teachers are also very good, they take good care of our study and life, and give us good guidance.

Zheng Langxing
2022 Online Pre-Sessional English course

The pre-master program has really helped me to gain knowledge of academic skills. I would really suggest my friends to use this course

Mohammad Azaz Mohsin
Pre-Masters Programme

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you do not need to have booked your Oxford ELLT prior to starting the Oxford ELLT Preparation Course.

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