Higher Education Programmes 

Our online Higher Education programmes are designed with student success and academic achievement in mind. By carefully balancing English language, academic study skills, and subject-specific knowledge our outcomes-based programmes fully prepare students for university study.

Our Partners

A bridge to higher education

Acting as bridges, our courses open doors and enhance opportunities supporting students and partners to access all regions of the world. Upon successful completion, students are ready and prepared for success at their chosen undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes at a partner university, whether online or in-person.

Our vision is underpinned by three core principles that aim to make higher education and student mobility possible to more people from more diverse backgrounds. The principles are: affordability, flexibility and accessibility.

Why Work with Us?

  • Enhance International Student Growth: Diversify and expand recruitment to meet growth targets.
  • Targeted Regional Recruitment: Utilise digital options for recruitment in challenging regions.
  • Digital Transformation: Drive the university's digital transformation through co-developed digital pathways.
  • Quality and Diversity: Improve the quality and diversity of student recruitment.
  • Accessible Learning with Strong Support: Offer flexible and blended digital courses, delivering a 92% progression rate, with live sessions, self-study, and expert admissions support.
  • Cost-Effective Growth: Manage campus capacity and costs effectively.

Teaching and Learning

The approach to learning, teaching and assessment for all OIDI university preparation programmes is based on OIEG’s experience of working with universities in their International Colleges.

OIEG believe that overseas students benefit from an approach to learning, teaching and assessment that caters to their unique needs. This means that the following are at the heart of our programme development:

Overseas students need tailored learning, teaching, and assessment to account for their diverse educational backgrounds.

Encourage critical thinking skills and the application of theoretical knowledge to real-world situations.

Provide thorough preparation, including language proficiency and academic study skills, for success in Higher Education studies.

Digital Pedagogy

We blend asynchronous learning with interactive tutor-led sessions, to offer students the best of both worlds. Our lessons are structured to suit an individual learner’s needs, with the possibility to select course units, activities and lessons according to a learner’s desired outcomes. 

Task-based: Learning is broken down into small units of knowledge  

Communities of Practice: Peers are encouraged to work together and contribute to the learning process 

Goal-oriented: Students have a focus on the achievement of goals within tasks and the learning more broadly to increase motivation and autonomy  

Student-Centred: The teacher acts as a guide through the learning experience and encourages the student to develop their knowledge, skills and confidence. 

Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)

Our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) makes the most of the latest online learning features and integrations to advance the student learning experience. Key features include: 

Personalised video tutorials by expert teachers, minimising third-party reliance. 

Functions and integrations for diverse interactive tasks, promoting engagement and learning. 

OIDI tech support team dedicated to managing learning progress, updates, and assisting with tech issues.


Our assessment consists of formative and summative evaluations. Formative assessment includes Automated Marked Assessment (AMA), Tutor Group Marked Assessment (TGMA), and Tutor Individual Marked Assessment (TIMA).

Summative assessment combines coursework and exams with diverse types per module. External examiners and Turnitin software ensure academic rigour and coursework integrity, and an exam portal prevents academic misconduct.