Spotlight Placement Test

Spotlight Placement Test


The Spotlight Placement Test is a fully online English language level indicator that provides a quick and accurate reflection of a student’s English language abilities.

Spotlight Placement Test

About you: You need a quick and accurate assessment of your current English Language ability for entry into higher education. The Placement Test is conducted entirely online, where you will be tested across four individual components to get a precise reflection of your English proficiency level.

You are tested on following Language areas; Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading, and Listening. These test elements are designed to evaluate your understanding of grammar, use of vocabulary and synonyms, reading level and comprehension, and your listening abilities.

How it works
Four areas tested: Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading, and Listening
Individual component score and overall score
Results shared directly with the university
The Placement Test must be completed on a WINDOWS laptop or PC.
Student Satisfaction

Structure of the Placement Test

Placement Test

The Spotlight Placement Test is a fully online English language level indicator. Testing Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading and Listening, this placement test provides a quick and accurate reflection of a student’s English language abilities.

The Placement Test must be completed on a WINDOWS laptop or PC.

The Placement Test structure allows candidate’s to work through five specifically designed sections, known as Tracks, with each track either becoming easier, maintaining level or increasing in difficulty depending on the user’s performance in the previous track.

The placement test examines four language skills:

  1. Grammar: Consists of three questions examining a student’s comprehension of grammar.
  2. Vocabulary: Consists of three lexical based questions to test a candidate’s vocabulary.
  3. Reading: Consists of four reading comprehension questions.
  4. Listening: Consists of an auditory dialogue ranging from 2 to 4 minutes. Four comprehension or influence questions issued to the candidate (candidates have 30 seconds to read three questions before listening to the recording once).

Component Timings

  • Grammar: 30 minutes
  • Vocabulary: 30 minutes
  • Reading: 40 minutes
  • Listening: 30 minutes

Each placement test component can be taken individually, in any order, at a time that suits the candidate. Candidate’s will receive an individual performance score for each component. Once all individual components have been completed the candidate will be issued with an overall performance score, based on the CEFR scale.

How does the Placement Test work?

The Placement Test is scored on a 16 point scale. Each component is individually assessed and scored, with the average of all four components determining the overall performance level. The individual components and overall performance level is mapped to a CEFR score between A1 to C2.


Questions and Topics

The Placement draws from a wide range of questions and topics. This large bank of questions enables the system to issue candidates with their unique tests ensuring that no two tests are the same.

The content is written and developed by the Oxford International Digital Institute in-house academic development team. This team has extensive experience in test creation, examination development and principles. All content is based on academic themes ensuring it is  relevant to the test takers, considers cultural sensitivities and covers topic relevant to students’ distractors

All questions are multiple choice, consisting of only one correct answer and three distractors.

Pricing, Security and Requirements

The Placement Test costs £10

The test is conducted through a Secure Exam Browser (SEB*), the students are required to install the internet browser plugin. Via SEB students will be unable to

  • Access other web-based applications
  • Refresh or switch web pages
  • Use shortcuts or hotkeys including the ability to switch users
  • Capture screenshots
  • Use spell checking or third party grammar software
  • Activate multiple screen extensions

The SEB is used in conjunction with standard proctoring features including video environment capture. Highly trained human proctors, with examining expertise view and report on any events that are captured through the SEB. Candidates will be contacted directly depending on the outcome.

*Candidates are required to install a SEB plugin before they can start the test. Users will receive a user guide and an instructional video before starting their test which guides them through this process.

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Entry requirements

The Placement Test must be completed on a WINDOWS laptop or PC.

There are no specific entry requirements for the test. The test can be taken by anyone who intends to check their English proficiency level as long as they meet the specified technology requirements

Academic Entry Requirements
Technology Requirements: The Placement Test must be completed on a WINDOWS laptop or PC with an installed internet browser (Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome).
We recommend students to have the following internet browser Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari with a minimum internet speed requirement of 1.5Mbps download speed.
The minimum hardware requirements are as follows:
- Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo (2.2 GHz or Higher)
- RAM: 4.0 GB Hard drive: 120 GB Operating System:
- Windows Vista/7/8/10/11, MAC 10.7 or Higher
- Webcam 1.3 megapixels or Higher (640x480 minimum resolution)
- Audio: Speakers or Headphones

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Frequently asked questions

The Placement Test can auto reconnect in case of micro-second internet interruptions, however, a stable internet connection is necessary for a successful test.


The Placement Test must be completed on a WINDOWS laptop or PC.

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