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Empowering Displaced Individuals Through Education

Empowering Displaced Individuals Through Education

At Oxford International, we are dedicated to providing ‘Learning Without Limits’ to displaced individuals worldwide. Our specialised online English courses offer accessible education tailored to the unique needs of those displaced by conflict or hardship. This initiative supports our broader mission to ensure everyone, regardless of their circumstances, can continue their education and thrive in new environments. 

Tailored Learning Experiences 

Since launching our specialised online English courses, English for Culture and English for Business, in early 2022, we’ve empowered over 1,800 students with the language skills needed to thrive in new environments. 

With over 70 classes conducted so far, we provide a structured curriculum tailored to different proficiency levels to ensure personalised learning experiences. 

Our English language courses are designed to meet the needs of learners at intermediate to advanced levels. We start new cohorts monthly, each involving three one-hour sessions per week over a month, focusing on practical language skills needed for both cultural integration and professional environments. 

Why We Do It 

Our mission goes far beyond addressing basic educational needs. At Oxford International, we believe in empowering students with comprehensive language skills essential for more than just communication. These capabilities enable individuals to navigate their new communities effectively, secure improved employment opportunities, and integrate seamlessly into society. 

This commitment is a cornerstone of our global initiative, which aims to widen our reach and amplify our impact on an international scale. By providing learning opportunities without limits, we strive to create accessible educational pathways for all students, no matter where they are in the world. This approach supports individual growth and development and builds more robust, cohesive communities globally. 

Course Offerings and Goals 

  1. English for Culture Course 

This course is tailored for individuals with intermediate English skills who wish to deepen their understanding of cultural nuances and everyday life in the UK. The curriculum covers a wide range of topics, including: 

  • Life in the UK: Exploring British customs, traditions, and daily life to help students navigate their new environment effectively. 
  • Cultural Awareness: Engaging media analysis, discussions, and debates to enhance understanding of the cultural landscape and foster integration. 
  • Practical Applications: Learning focuses on daily tasks, services, and social interactions, equipping students with the language tools needed for everyday communication. 
  1. English for Business Course 

Designed for intermediate to upper-intermediate learners, this course prepares students for the professional environment in the UK, focusing on: 

  • Professional Communication: Skills in negotiation, interviews, and effective workplace communication. 
  • Business Concepts: Insights into digital marketing, corporate responsibility, and other relevant business practices. 
  • Career Preparation: Practical advice and training on CV writing, cover letter preparation, and job interview techniques to enhance employability. 

These courses aim to improve language proficiency and empower students, providing a comprehensive learning experience to help them succeed socially and professionally in a new cultural setting. 

Seamless Access and Supportive Environment 

These courses are delivered entirely online and accessible via smartphones, tablets, or laptops, making learning possible from anywhere. This flexibility is crucial for students in unstable living conditions or remote locations. After enrolment, students gain immediate access to our Virtual Learning Campus (VLC), offering supplementary self-guided resources. 

Recognition and Continuous Support 

After completing the course, students can request a ‘Certificate Of Completion’, acknowledging their efforts and achievements. Beyond the course, we continue to engage with graduates through follow-up initiatives to provide ongoing support and further learning opportunities. 

Impactful Feedback and Encouraging Testimonials 

Feedback from our students consistently highlights the transformative impact of our courses: 

  1. ‘Thank you for the support of Ukrainians, the course was perfect’cropped
  2. ‘This course helped me become more confident in speaking with native speakers’ cropped
  3. ‘My teacher was the best!!! Interesting lessons, presence of homework’cropped
  4. ‘The teacher is highly professional, helpful and friendly. I used negotiation techniques in the interview with the professor. As a result, I was accepted into the university, Master’s degree’cropped
  5. Vocabulary was very useful; I can apply it in every day in my life. It was interesting, interactive and active’cropped
  6. ‘It was easy to join and visit online lessons’ cropped
  7.  â€˜I received strong motivation to continue studying English and improving my knowledge.
    Also this course helped me to take my mind off the terrible news about the war. Thanks for your support of Ukrainians in this difficult situation and showing your solidarity’cropped
  8. ‘Welcoming atmosphere, a lot of interaction and learning from each other. Looking at the CV / cover letter / interview from the standpoints of both applicants and employers’cropped

Find out more at: Online courses for refugees

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Empowering Displaced Individuals Through Education

Empowering Displaced Individuals Through Education

At Oxford International, we are dedicated to providing ‘Learning Without Limits’ to displaced individuals worldwide. Our specialised online English courses…