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Challenges faced by English language test takers

Challenges faced by English language test takers

For non-native speakers, getting ready for the English test can be tough due to varying levels of language skills and abilities. 

According to NAFSA, language tests play a crucial role in global education, and the market value for these tests is predicted to reach $27.8 billion by 2030. As a result, providers of these tests must provide easy-to-use solutions to ensure convenience for test takers.

A woman preparing for her English lesson through her laptop and phone.
Preparing for any exam comes with its own set of challenges for students. 

This blog explores how Oxford International Digital Institute (OIDI) helps individuals overcome difficulties when taking English tests as a foreign language.

  1. Time Management: All language exams have strict time limits for each section. Test takers need to efficiently manage their time to complete all the questions within the given time frame.

How to Manage Time During a Test : The most effective method is to utilise practice tests to prepare for your English language test. These assessments enable you to identify areas where you may require additional preparation. 

To ensure a positive testing experience, at OIDI, we allocate a suitable amount of time for each test section with great care. Additionally, we provide supplementary assistance for individuals who may encounter difficulties with their learning, resulting in a comprehensive and inclusive testing experience.

  1. Test Format: Becoming familiar with the format and structure of the exams is crucial. People unfamiliar with multiple-choice questions, short answers, or computer-based tests may struggle to comprehend and finish them. These types of assessments can be challenging for individuals who are not accustomed to them. The difficulty lies in understanding and completing multiple-choice questions, short answers, and computer-based tests.

Our Solution: We have made our testing system simple and explained the process clearly on our website for easy understanding. We are readily available to assist with any inquiries or uncertainties you may have. Furthermore, we specifically tailor our preparation course to help test takers effortlessly comprehend the format, ensuring a smoother experience.

  1. Study Resources: Finding quality study resources, such as practice tests, sample questions, and study guides, can be challenging, particularly for individuals who are self-studying.

Our Solution: We offer an all-encompassing preparation course designed to address various language tests. Our course provides ample practice opportunities and encompasses diverse test types. Our website has many helpful resources like blogs with tips to help you prepare for your journey.

Students preparing for their exams.
       Our solutions enable you to easily navigate through the various challenges associated with taking language tests.
  1. Registering for exams:  Finding test centers, and managing logistics can be complex, especially for international test takers.

How the Oxford ELLT and Oxford ELLT Global address this matter: Registering for the Oxford ELLT, the English Language Level Test and Oxford ELLT Global is straightforward. Begin by providing an accessible email address and uploading your passport photo. Subsequent steps, such as payment and test option selection, are equally user-friendly and uncomplicated to navigate.

5. The scoring system: The scoring system can be hard to understand for different purposes like university admissions and visa applications. 

Different institutions and immigration authorities have specific score requirements for English language tests. Achieving the required scores for one’s intended purpose can be a significant challenge.

What’s the Oxford ELLT and Oxford ELLT Global’s take on this: The scoring criteria for the Oxford ELLT and ELLT Global tests assess four language skills: reading, speaking, writing, and listening. This assessment is useful for identifying strengths and areas needing improvement at different proficiency levels. Tailored to diverse needs, the resulting score holds significance as a versatile metric, serving a range of purposes across different contexts.

6. Technical Issues: Computer-based tests can have technical problems like glitches, internet issues, or unfamiliarity with the test interface.

Our Solution: By offering two test-taking options tailored to your preferences, we significantly reduce the likelihood of encountering technical challenges. We ensure that we set up the test correctly and are prepared to find backup solutions if any technical problems arise.

We offer support and additional resources to ensure a positive testing experience. For more information, please explore the details here.

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