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What we do for Higher Education Partners

At Oxford International Digital Institute (OIDI), we support our Higher Education Institution partners worldwide to recruit, convert, and retain students. We provide you with tailored solutions which help your students become university-ready and prepared for success, both academically and culturally. 


We have partnered with over 150 institutions globally, to help them support international students from undergraduate to postgraduate study. 

Why we are different

We support Higher Education Institutions in recruiting, converting, and retaining diverse, high-quality students through our innovative solutions and products. We help institutions recruit university-ready students with our Oxford English Language Level Test (Oxford ELLT), and assist in converting and retaining students through our Pathway Centres and English for university programmes.


Our hybrid and face-to-face course delivery increases access to a wider range of students and presents institutions with better-prepared students, at no extra cost to you. We collaborate closely with you, providing comprehensive support at every stage of our partnership, ensuring our solutions align with your goals. 

How we help you

Recruit students

We help institutions recruit students from diverse backgrounds. Our global presence and wide-reaching networks support recruitment needs, while our academic solutions prepare students for university study.

Convert students 

We offer institutions customisable solutions, to help convert students. Our products are tailored for student needs, from helping them progress through their university journey via our language testing, intensive English classes and UG/PG courses.

Retain students 

We offer tailored solutions to help you retain students through our immersive, academic courses, we prepare students for their whole degree cycle.

Our products


Our award-winning English Language Level Test provides effective and efficient language proficiency testing at scale.


Oxford International pathway colleges offer Foundation, pre-Master’s and pre-PhD level study, available both online and in-person, at our UK and Global centres.

English for university

Our modular English preparation classes support international students globally. Available as off-the-shelf, fully bespoke, or white labelled options.