English Language Preparation Courses for University Study

Our English for university preparation courses have been designed to help students improve their level of English proficiency to match the language requirements of their chosen university. Students will cover the main building blocks of language such as grammar and vocabulary as well as develop reading, listening, speaking, writing and mediation skills in English.

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Teaching and Learning

Teaching and learning methodologies are primarily based on a communicative approach, encouraging students to develop their productive skills in English while receiving constructive feedback from their tutors. The scheme of work includes selected themes and language topics that are in-line with what the students will require at university, drawing on OIEG’s extensive experience with International Colleges.  Live online teaching enables us to customise the instruction to the students’ needs and to provide assessment and feedback at regular intervals.

Why Work with us?

  • Our rigorous approach to teaching ensures that 97% of our students improve their English language levels to progress to university study.
  • Our teachers are highly qualified with 30+ years of teaching experience.
  • Our experienced admissions team streamline the application process hand holding students through the process and minimising processing time for institutions.
  • We provide customisable course length and exit levels to fit your institution’s need.
  • Our courses are offered at no cost to institutions.
  • We work with our global network of educational consultants to grow student numbers and diversity while focussed on quality.

OIDI Study Platform

The OIDI Study Platform is an online interactive learning platform that is designed to develop and test the students’ English language skills through user-friendly exercises. The platform is fully adaptable to students’ proficiency level, allowing them to practise specific skills tailored to their needs.  

Weekly Assignments

Weekly assignments build on the skills developed during the study weeks. Each assignment is assessed by the class tutor who provides feedback to students.  


Both formative and summative assessments are incorporated into our courses. In addition to the weekly assignments, there is a final assessment that is divided into Coursework Assessment (60% of final grade) and End-of-Course Assessment (40% of final grade).

Courses We Offer

We offer English language courses to help students achieve the English proficiency required for entry to an undergraduate or postgraduate degree at a UK, USA or Canadian university. 

Pre Sessional English for UK universities 

English for Academic Purposes for USA universities 

Pathways English Online for Canadian universities 

Speak to us to find out more about our courses and our accreditations.