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Empowering Global Education: University of Dundee Accepts Oxford ELLT

Empowering Global Education: University of Dundee Accepts Oxford ELLT

We are thrilled to announce that the University of Dundee, a cherished and longstanding partner of Oxford International Education Group, now officially accepts the Oxford English Language Level Test, Oxford ELLT, as valid proof of English proficiency.

This partnership reinforces our shared commitment to educational excellence and marks a crucial step in our journey to facilitate seamless academic transitions for students worldwide.

A Fusion of Tradition and Innovation

Located in the spirited city of Dundee, Scotland, the University of Dundee combines the tranquillity of green spaces with the intellectual vibrancy of study places, all within the stimulating environment of city life. Established as a beacon of higher education in 1965, Dundee has cultivated a diverse community of students and faculty from over 70 nationalities. This melting pot of cultures fosters a unique educational experience enriched by state-of-the-art facilities, a tight-knit campus community, and an unparalleled commitment to student success.

Dundee’s Academic Leadership and Global Recognition

The University of Dundee, a globally recognised institution, has consistently ranked highly for its academic excellence, student satisfaction, and graduate prospects.

It is celebrated for its outstanding teaching quality and research impact, ranking among the top universities globally. Specifically, Dundee has been acknowledged for its strengths in areas such as Life Sciences, Medicine, and Art and design, reflecting its comprehensive approach to education that balances theoretical understanding with practical experience.

These rankings underscore Dundee’s position as a higher education leader and highlight the quality of education that students can expect when choosing Dundee as their destination for study.

Dundee: A City of Discovery

Dundee, Scotland’s waterfront city, boasts a rich tapestry of cultural confidence and a student-centric energy. Its self-contained campus offers a nurturing environment for students, a short stroll from cultural attractions and vibrant city life. Dundee, located close to Scotland’s breathtaking countryside and major cities such as Edinburgh and Glasgow, serves as an ideal starting point for exploring Scotland’s beauty and heritage.

Pathways to Success: International College Dundee

In collaboration with the University of Dundee, Oxford International Education Group has established the International College Dundee (ICD) to offer alternative pathways to undergraduate and postgraduate studies at Dundee. ICD exemplifies our commitment to providing tailored educational journeys, boasting impressive continuation and student success rates. Located on Dundee’s main campus, ICD students benefit from the full spectrum of university facilities and accommodations alongside small classes for personalised learning experiences.

Empowering Futures

The University of Dundee provides an excellent learning experience beyond conventional classrooms. With a diverse range of courses, a lively student community of over 150 societies, and 40 sports clubs, students can enjoy a well-rounded environment for personal growth. Dundee offers state-of-the-art campus facilities and top-notch sports amenities, which help foster innovation and inspire students to pursue their passions.

The partnership between Oxford International Education Group and the University of Dundee opens doors to exceptional educational pathways, blending academic excellence with rich, cultural experiences. Embracing the Oxford ELLT reflects our united goal of enhancing global education accessibility.

Explore the benefits of becoming an Oxford ELLT partner: Become a Partner.

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