Commitment to Excellence

At Oxford International, we help students from across the world gain life changing higher education, vocational and language education opportunities. We do this through our focus on quality education, innovation and a partner and student centric approach.

Our Partners

We are committed to delivering excellence

We remove barriers and build digital bridges to the higher education routes that universities wish to develop. We are proud of our heritage in higher education and English language provision.

We have a relentless focus on the quality of our teaching and our curriculum development. This is reflected in the student satisfaction rate of 96.7% and the positive feedback we receive from our partners.

We regularly track progress and seek feedback with a mindset of continuous improvement and innovation. Our digital learning platforms are built to be interactive and enables our teachers to deliver live  sessions, improving learning outcomes.

We’ve built a culture around service to both our partners and students. We offer customisable solutions that is unique to our partners’ needs and we support end to end support to our students.




Agents & University Partners




Student Satisfaction


Who we are

Our Mission

We deliver innovative, high-quality education and services to unlock opportunities, build trusted partnerships and enable success for our partners, our students, our people and communities around the world. 

Our Vision

Through our core values and mission statement, we put our partners and students at the centre of what we do. For our partners, we provide access to a diverse pipeline of international students equipped with the academic and English language skills for an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in UK, USA or Canada. For our students, we aim to deliver life-enhancing experiences to help students develop personally and professionally and enrich their future opportunities.