🎉 Introducing ELLT Global. Learn more about our new English proficiency test. Learn more →
🎉 Introducing ELLT Global. Learn more about our new English proficiency test. Learn more →
Your guide to the ELLT

Your guide to the ELLT

This guide to the ELLT covers everything you need to know to about the ELLT. Our English Language Level Test (ELLT) launched in 2020 allowing students worldwide to take a recognised English language level examination entirely online. OI Digital Institute created and administers the fully online English Language Level Test and provides students with a certificate and proof of their English level from anywhere in the world. Previously referred to as the OIETC ELLT Test, OI Digital Institute’s ELLT is the most accessible way to prove your English language capabilities for application into university.

What is ELLT Test?

The ELLT is a fully online English Language Level Test to determine your current English language level. The ELLT examines the four language skills of reading, listening, writing and speaking and issues you with a language level score based on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) scale, an IELTS equivalency score.

What makes the ELLT different?

The ELLT is a fully online English Language Level Test designed to be accessible anywhere in the world. We’ve developed the ELLT to work in low bandwidth areas and accessible on many devices. Where different because you can complete all four test components entirely online, unlike IELTS and equivalent tests which require many components to be conducted in person at a verified test centre. You are able to complete your ELLT from wherever you are in the world and receive your results within 48 hours from completion. It’s easy to access, accurate and quick, and is changing the way students anywhere can access universities anywhere.

What can I use the ELLT for?

The ELLT can be used as proof of your English language proficiency for applying for universities across the UK, Europe and North America. OI Digital Institute, which administers the ELLT, partners with many universities to allow students to use their ELLT certificate as proof of their language level.

What universities accept ELLT?

The ELLT is accepted as proof of English at a wide range of universities worldwide. Discover where and which university you can apply to with an ELLT here.

How do I sign up for the ELLT?

You can sign up or register for your ELLT at our website. To sign up you will need to create an account using an email address and password to access the ELLT examination portal.

How much does ELLT cost?

The ELLT costs £80 and can be purchased via the OI Digital Institute website. Once you have purchased the ELLT you will gain access to the various components of the test.

How long does ELLT take?

The ELLT is divided into four individual skill test components. Each component of the ELLT must be completed within the allocated time limit. We recommend you complete each component within:

  • 40 minutes for the reading component
  • 20 minutes for the listening component
  • 60 minutes for the writing component
  • 30 minutes for the speaking component

How to prepare for ELLT?

There are many ways to prepare for the ELLT. You can practice your skills through consuming English language materials/media, reading English websites and watching English language videos.
The best way to prepare is with ELLT practice tests and practice materials. You can prepare for your ELLT with our ELLT Prep Plus course – an online training platform that provides sample tests, ELLT practice materials and insightful ELLT tips and hints videos. You can also join our examiner led ELLT preparation course that will give you training on the ELLT before you start your live test.

When do I get my ELLT results?

Once you have completed all four components of the ELLT, you can expect to receive your ELLT results from 48 hours after the completion of your final component.

Where can I see my ELLT result?

Your ELLT result, report and ELLT certificate is available within the ELLT portal. You can log in to your account to access your individual component results, your overall ELLT score and download your ELLT certificate.
Your ELLT certificate will display your identification document, your individual skill score, your overall language level score and a chart for your ELLT score and equivalent IELTS number score and CEFR level.

How do I contest my ELLT results?

Your ELLT results are reviewed and confirmed by qualified academic and examination professionals. If you disagree with your results, you can request a formal review of your writing and speaking components via our ELLT appeal process. You cannot appeal your reading and listening components. The ELLT appeals process costs £30, takes up to 14 days and can only be initiated within 14 days of receiving your results. To appeal your results, click here.

Is ELLT the same as IETLS?

The ELLT provides candidates with an equivalent IELTS score. Your ELLT score is based on your performance in the ELLT and is graded on the CEFR level. Your overall score is matched to an equivalent IETLS score based on your CEFR level. The ELLT certificate is not an IELTS certificate. However, your ELLT certificate can be used as proof of your English language level for entry into select universities worldwide.

How do I contact ELLT?

We’ve built the ELLT to be easy to use and accessible anywhere in the world, even in low bandwidth locations. But if you need to contact us, please send an email to ellt@oidigitalinstitute.com.

I want to take the ELLT, what do I do?

That’s great, it’s really easy to sign up and take the ELLT.

  1. Visit the ELLT webpage here
  2. Sign up and create your ELLT account
  3. Purchase your ELLT license to access the test
  4. Complete each ELLT component
  5. Get your ELLT results
  6. Apply for university with your ELLT certificate
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