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Find out your English language level for higher education with our English Language Level Test (Oxford ELLT). Our test is recognised by many universities so you can use it to meet the entry requirements for a wide range of degree courses. It is also a great way for you to find out what level you currently have so you know if you need to do any more English language preparation before you start your university course.  
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Why you should choose our Oxford ELLT

About you: You want to find out exactly what English language level you have at the moment. This could be to check if you already meet the English language requirements for a university course you’re applying for.

And the great news is that our Oxford ELLT is accepted by many universities as evidence of your Oxford ELLT, meaning you know you’ll be able to progress to a wide range of degree courses after taking your test with us.

Discover all you need to know about the Oxford ELLT with our latest brochure below:

How it works
Four stages to assess your English language ability in each skill: reading, listening, writing and speaking
Completed 100% online so you can find out your English language level from home
Recognised by many universities* so you can choose from a wide range of courses to progress onto
Our English Language Test is supported by qualified teaching and examination staff from our language schools which are accredited by the British Council.
Student Satisfaction

Test Structure

Four steps to your results

Your reading proficiency will be assessed through an automated, secure online test. We recommend that you allow 40 minutes to complete this part of the test.

Your listening and comprehension skills will be assessed through an automated, secure online test. We recommend that you allow 25 minutes to complete this part of the test.

You’ll be assessed through a unique written task. We recommend that you allow 45 minutes to complete this part of the test.

You’ll take your speaking exam live with an examiner over a video call. Your examiner will be the same examiner who has assessed the other three skills tests that you’ve already taken. We recommend that you allow 20 minutes to complete this part of the test.

Once you’ve completed all four assessment stages, you’ll receive a full report of your results, which will show your individual skill and overall language level score. You’ll also receive a final certificate from one of our English language teachers.

If your examiner has any questions about your results then you might need to do a follow-up assessment with a Senior Teacher or Director of Studies. This four-step process, along with the cross-referencing of previous tests and spot checks, means we can make sure that your results are reliable and accurate.

Universities who accept the Oxford ELLT
  • Bangor University
  • Bangor University International College
  • Bournemouth University
  • Canterbury Christ Church University
  • Coventry University
  • De Montfort University
  • De Montfort University International College
  • Goethe Business School, Frankfurt University
  • Green River College
  • Hertfordshire International College, HIC
  • International College Portsmouth
  • International College Robert Gordon Aberdeen, ICRG
  • International University of Applied Sciences, Germany
  • Jacobs University International College
  • Keele University International College
  • Liverpool John Moores University
  • London Academy of Business and Management
  • London South Bank University
  • Mercy College, New York
  • NABA, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti
  • ONCAMPUS Aston University
  • ONCAMPUS London
  • ONCAMPUS London South Bank University
  • ONCAMPUS University of Hull
  • ONCAMPUS University of Reading
  • ONCAMPUS University of Southampton
  • ONCAMPUS University of Sunderland
  • Oxford College of Education
  • Oxford International College Vancouver
  • Oxford International College Halifax
  • Ravensbourne University
  • Richmond, The American International University in London
  • Robert Gordon University Aberdeen
  • San Francisco State University (International Year One)
  • The University of Central Lancashire
  • University for the Creative Arts
  • University of Bolton Greater Manchester
  • University of Bristol
  • University of Chester
  • University of California, Santa Barbara, Extension International Program
  • University of Essex
  • University of Greenwich
  • University of Greenwich International College
  • University of Hertfordshire
  • University of Hull
  • University of Portsmouth
  • University of Roehampton
  • University of South Wales
  • University of Strathclyde
  • University of Sunderland
  • University of the West of Scotland
  • University of Westminster
  • University of Wolverhampton
  • University of Worcester
  • Wrexham Glyndŵr University

**Pre-Sessional Entry

Why choose the Oxford ELLT?

At OI Digital Institute, our highly qualified and experienced staff have developed the English Language Level Test to the highest academic standards. Each test is overseen by a School Principal, a Director of Studies, an Assistant Director of Studies and a team of experienced Senior Teachers.
Oxford International has 30 years of delivering English language education to students from across the world and is accredited by the British Council.

Unlike other language level tests, our English Language Level Test (Oxford ELLT) is administered completely online via our Oxford ELLT Portal.

Once you access the portal you can complete your reading and listening tasks through automated software. Following the completion of these two stages, you will be issued a writing task which you will also complete within the portal. Once your writing task has been submitted you will be able to arrange your speaking examination. You will be able to select an available speaking examination time that suits you, with this section of the test being conducted with a live examiner via video call.

The ELLT Portal has been designed to make the English Language Level Test as accessible as possible for our students and partners. Students are in control of their own journey and have access to the portal 24/7, meaning they can submit their tasks at a time that suits them.

The portal allows a user to register, pay and take their 4 test components all in one place.

The portal uses advanced security protocols and AI proctoring, alongside a team of human examiners to confidently determine accurate results of each student’s language proficiency.

Learn more about our portal through our ELLT portal guidebook.

Once the student completes all four stages of the test, the assessing examiner prepares a report summarising the student’s results from each of the four assessment tasks and gives a final certificate of language level. A detailed performance report is also provided to the student.

If the assessing teacher has any doubts, then a follow-up assessment may be conducted by a Senior Teacher or Director of Studies. The four-step process adds a level of robustness to the results, and the cross-referencing of test components along with spot checks ensure a secure test environment and level of trust in the results. An analysis of the security and AI proctoring features is also conducted to confirm a secure test environment.


The English Language Level Test costs £120

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Entry requirements

There are no specific entry requirements to take before you take the Oxford ELLT but usually, you will be interested in studying a university course that needs you to show evidence of your English language level.

As this is a test to determine your currently level of English, there are obviously no entry level requirements

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Frequently asked questions

You can sign-up for the test via our Oxford ELLT portal.

Click here to check the full list of universities.

Your results and the full report should be delivered within 48 hours of completion of your speaking test. Times may differ.

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