Partner Success Stories

Partner Success Stories

We are proud to offer each partner a bespoke solution that is designed to change a challenge into an opportunity.

Our impactful approach to online education

Here you can read some of the solutions we have developed to help partners mobilise online learning. From teacher training in remote areas of the world, to higher education university preparation, our success is best shown through our exciting work taking place.

Working with universities

Supporting the international vision of Coventry University

“Coventry University understands that the acquisition of English language capability is a strategic gateway to study access and an essential foundation for student success. Whilst we have dedicated English for Academic Purposes staff in China, to support specific programmes delivered in-country, we have not provided in-country pre-sessional English to facilitate study in the UK since 2014 – and were aware it was an increasing barrier to enabling our international vision – the onset of Covid also meant that the large English testing operation we ran through our offices in China was unable to provide students with the option to certify their levels of ability in order to begin their student journey.” 

Professor John Fowler from Coventry University

Accepted for entry at the University of Strathclyde

The Oxford International English Language Level Test has been accepted for main degree entry at the University of Strathclyde since July, 2020. The online test is available globally, competitively priced, robust, secure, valid, and can be undertaken flexibly at a time of students’ choosing. The University places confidence in the human delivered and marked aspect to the test. The test process is administered clearly and supportively for students in stages, with a pre-test practice opportunity. 

– University of Strathclyde 

"The facts show that we would not have exceeded our targets unless we had implemented this solution the way we did. "

“We needed a high quality and secure English language test that we could offer online. We reviewed several possible companies, and after comparing the various options, we decided on Oxford International Education Group. The solution put forward, now provided through the OI Digital Institute, met all our requirements. It is a robust, secure and easy to administer English language test. In addition to this, the cost of the service was competitive, and the team behind the project implementation was very receptive to what we needed. Our requests were always met with a positive – we can do it – attitude.” 

Guillaume Richard, Director of Recruitment and International Development, University of Roehampton

High rates of progression

A succession of leading universities took up our online Pre-Sessional English (OPSE) course as one of the best and most thorough online courses available in the market. Courses are all written with online teaching in mind and delivered through a mix of live lessons, self-guided learning and an innovative peer assessment model. With over 94% progression and a comprehensive skill-focused and tutorial support model, we are proud of the solution that so many university partners have trusted to deliver on their behalf.

Helping students prepare for university

Over 4,000 students

Our English Language Level Test (ELLT) was initially used to assess students joining our English schools for specialist courses. It was then rapidly scaled up to help cope with the demand after the closure of IELTS centres during 2020. This unique mixture of examiner led interaction and fast admissions processes allowed students to receive results within 48 hours. We have to date enabled over 4,000 students to now complete their language test with OI Digital Institute.

Accessible, anywhere

Leading private schools

Our unique Junior language syllabus, accredited by the British Council, was transformed in 2020 for delivery online. Usually, only accessible by staying at one of our industry-leading residential camps, any student, anywhere in the world, is now able to gain access to this fantastic resource. Our innovative course, delivered through live lessons and some self-guided learning, was delivered to leading private schools in Italy to bring English language study to over 400 high school students.

Improving teaching in remote communities

student at desk

Selected by the British Council & IATEFL

Our English Language division who work on the OI Digital Institute has been selected by the British Council, the International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL) and English UK to be part of PRELIM (the Partnered Remote Language Improvement Project). PRELIM aims to develop teaching standards across 20 countries, using the expertise of major English language organisations. We are proud to be one of the 17 English UK member centres selected for the project. The project functions like a mentoring programme, created to develop and improve the delivery of remote language learning courses.

Need a tailor-made solution for your organisation?

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What our partners have to say

After over 25 years of working with Oxford International, we are now selling their online courses with great success! From small group courses to one-to-one lessons the quality of the teaching has been great and the flexibility incredible with each student having different requirements. Almost all of the students have signed up for even more weeks after the initial ones booked. Which speaks for itself!
Aurora - Navigando
from Italy
All of the students taking classes in Virtual Classroom are absolutely in love with their studies!!! Their parents are even thinking about taking the courses online for their kids for the whole duration of the academic year!
Study Galaxy
From Russia
We have been impressed by your Virtual Classrooms, receiving positive feedback, particularly from our primary students. So it has been a very positive experience.
Bilingual European School
From Italy
My student enjoyed the lessons very much, the teacher is great, she learned lots of new things and met students from Russia, France, Israel and Saudi Arabia
From Russia
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