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London Academy of Business & Management

PhD Preparation Course

Course Highlights

Course Description

Set yourself up for success in your PhD. If you want to make sure you have the best possible start to your PhD, then look no further. Our experts will work with you to prepare the advanced skills required for future research and demystify the world of academic research in the UK.

Course Structure

This online course will help you develop your English proficiency and teach you advanced academic literacy skills required for doctoral-level research. You’ll also receive expert advice on how to write a research proposal that will help you stand out from other PhD candidates.

One Term

Minimum of Master's or a good honours degree (first or 2:1)
IELTS 6.0 (with at least 6.0 in reading and writing)


Recognised by LABM

We have partnered with London Academy of Business and Management (LABM) to deliver an online preparation course for future doctoral candidates.

Do I need Pre-PhD?

You’re an international student who is on track to becoming an expert in your field, and you’re preparing to study a PhD in the UK.

We know that it can be challenging to show that you’re the right candidate for a PhD position, so you’re looking for dedicated and individualised support to show off your knowledge and passion in your PhD application. You might also need help to write your research proposal as part of the application process.

You may still need to show that you meet the English language requirements for your course. So you want to improve your advanced English language skills to get your PhD off to the best start.

Depending on your English language level, you can choose to do a pre-sessional English course before you study your PhD preparation course for one term. We’ll let you know which one will be best for you when you apply.

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What does the online course involve?

Gain independent research skills through one-to-one tutorials online with expert teachers.

Learn successful project management to enable you to succeed in your PhD.
Detailed and supportive feedback to give you tailored insights into your personal strengths and areas to improve.

Develop critical awareness as well as advanced academic literacy and skills.
Learn how to construct a bibliography to showcase your research and sources.

Course Details

This is a demanding course! The course is designed to replicate the independent learning experience of a Doctoral candidate and early career researcher.

Each term, you will be expected to study for approximately 15 hours per week (30 credit hours per block).

Take place in real-time online Live Classrooms. You will need to commit to 3 hours of live tutorial lessons each week and up to 5 hours of live one-to-one tutorials over 10 weeks.

Each week you are also expected to partake in directed learning covering:

2 hours of online seminars and discussion forums

5 hours of assigned project work and assessments

5 hours of independent study

One Term

Minimum of Master's or a good
honours degree (first or 2:1)
IELTS 6.0 (with at least 6.0 in reading and writing)


Course Dates

One Term

25th April – 4th July 2022

13th June – 22nd August 2022

26th September – 5th December 2022

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