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🎉 Introducing ELLT Global. Learn more about our new English proficiency test. Learn more →
What is further education?

What is further education?

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If you are coming to the end of your school career or are considering continuing your education after a few years away, you are almost certainly thinking about your options for the future. Teenagers or even adults in the UK have plenty of options available to them, and one of these options is Further Education to continue your studies and specialise in something you are passionate about. 

When Further Education was introduced and why?

Following a government ruling in 2014, it became the law for every school-age child to continue their education after completing their GCSEs. However, this did not merely apply to the traditional sixth-form route that 16-year-olds often followed beforehand. Instead, it encouraged more options for school leavers after Year 11. 

This was beneficial for teenagers who were not entirely sure what they wanted to do. Rather than go to Sixth Form just because their friends did the same, they could choose from a range of Further Education options that might appeal to them. The accepted Further Education routes for ages 16 and above are: 

  • A Levels 
  • Art Foundation 
  • BTEC
  • HNC and HND
  • NVQ
  • TechBac
  • UTC

While some of these Further Education options kept kids in the classroom, others encouraged them to follow vocational qualifications, teaching them a trade that would allow them to make money as soon as possible. 

However, these courses are not merely restricted to school leavers. With an increase in available options, many adults are returning to education to improve their skills and make themselves more employable. The courses allow them to train in a different industry, giving them the chance to make a career change that can benefit them. Many will undertake their further education journey through online courses. 

The importance of online courses 

Modern technology has transformed the approach to education. Students are no longer required to be in the classroom physically. Instead, they can use online courses to get all the benefits they need and still achieve the success they have always hoped for. 

They help prepare you for university 

Everyone wants to ensure they are prepared to go to university, but this preparation is often easier said than done. Online courses are a fantastic way to help you get ready for your further education adventure. You can use courses to brush up on topics you are already familiar with, or you can use online courses to learn more about the subject you plan on studying. No matter how old you are or what you are doing at university, you can rely on online courses to prepare you sufficiently. 

They can be completed anywhere

If you’re an adult looking at further education, you need to find a solution that allows you to balance your busy life. As you’ll still need to work, look after the house, and maybe take your kids to school, you must have the convenience of an online course to ensure you get the most out of it. As most online courses do not require you to be in front of your computer for actual lessons, you can work on your assignments anywhere and still complete your work to a high standard. 

You can do them in your own time 

Likewise, the remote approach of online courses for university preparation means you are not within a strict schedule. This means you can complete your course whenever you have a spare moment. You won’t be penalised for skipping class, and you won’t feel overwhelmed with other subjects. You can decide how much work you do each day, and you can designate a specific day each week to work on your assignments. As long as you get everything sent in before the deadline, you can easily find a routine that suits you. 

They teach valuable life skills

If online courses teach you anything useful, especially when preparing for university, it’s crucial life skills. Being free of the confines of a traditional classroom is liberating at first, but it can also be too liberating. You need to learn time management and discipline if you want to succeed in your online course and eventual time at university. By teaching yourself the discipline to read the lesson material and complete projects, you set yourself up for success in your further education odyssey. 

Find out more today

If you are interested in taking an online course to prepare for university, don’t hesitate to find out more about what OI Digital Institute has to offer. We have a wide range of Courses available for all needs and interests, so take a look today to see what appeals to you. 

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