🎉 Introducing ELLT Global. Learn more about our new English proficiency test. Learn more →
🎉 Introducing ELLT Global. Learn more about our new English proficiency test. Learn more →
Free Online English Courses for Refugees

Free Online English Courses for Refugees

Earlier this year, we have launched two free English language courses, English for Culture and English for Business to support displaced people and those fleeing the war in Ukraine and provide them with access to learning without limits.

Since the beginning of March 2022, we have seen a huge number of students who wanted to improve their English language skills.

To date, we have supported more than 1200 people who enrolled on our English course and continue to support applicants as we grow in numbers.

The course showcased a tremendous success, with some examples of students’ feedback below:

  1. ‘Thank you for the support of Ukrainians, the course was perfect’
  2. ‘This course helped me become more confident in speaking with native speakers’
  3. ‘My teacher was the best!!! Interesting lessons, presence of homework’
  4. ‘The teacher is highly professional, helpful and friendly. I used negotiation techniques in the interview with the professor. As a result, I was accepted into the university, Master’s degree’
  5. Vocabulary was very useful; I can apply it in every day in my life. It was interesting, interactive and active’
  6. ‘It was easy to join and visit online lessons’
  7.  ‘I received strong motivation to continue studying English and improving my knowledge.
    Also this course helped me to take my mind off the terrible news about the war. Thanks for your support of Ukrainians in this difficult situation and showing your solidarity’
  8. ‘Welcoming atmosphere, a lot of interaction and learning from each other. Looking at the CV / cover letter / interview from the standpoints of both applicants and employers’

About the Free English for Culture and English for Business courses

The English for Culture course is intended for students with intermediate English skills.

The course helps students in improving their English proficiency by covering:

  • Life in the UK
  • Daily tasks and services
  • Traditions and meanings
  • Cultural awareness, media analysis and discussion, and debate.

The English for Business course is designed for intermediate to upper-intermediate students and is intended to prepare them for working life in the United Kingdom. Topics include:

  • Digital marketing
  • Corporate responsibility
  • Interview and negotiation techniques.

Benefits of a Free English Course:

All content and classes are easily accessible online through a smartphone, tablet or laptop. They are delivered by expert tutors and teachers who help individuals gain confidence in their use of English within a safe and encouraging environment.

In addition, all students receive free access to our Virtual Learning Campus (VLC) which provides students with additional self-guided learning courses designed by their teacher to assist them in developing confidence in their language skills.

At the end of the course, all students receive a certificate of successful completion.

Here, at Oxford International, we understand the difficulties of adjusting to a new culture and language. With over 30 years of experience delivering English education to international students, we are committed to providing education without limits and borders.

Enrol on the course now! https://oidigitalinstitute.com/students/online-courses-for-refugees/

Telegram to Stay Connected

In early August, we also launched our first Telegram channel aiming to support our students with useful news and information regarding the Free English Course’s future dates and enrolment and provide some helpful study and exercise materials.

If you are looking for some study hacks and valuable information about English language learning, join our Telegram channel now!


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