A secure English test that delivers on quality and scale.

A secure English test that delivers on quality and scale.

Access to education has changed significantly across the globe over the past 12 months. As our borders and doors closed, we opened our laptops and computers to search for new paths through new challenges. Students seeking to enter international universities had the challenge of finding a way to provide proof of their English language level or to put their education aspirations on hold.

With IELTS and other testing centres closed, establishing testing online was the logical choice. But how do you run a secure examination of an individual’s skills if you can’t be in the room? The answer OI Digital Institute’s English Language Level Test (ELLT) Portal.

How does it work?

The ELLT is a completely online English language level test, examining a student’s competency in the four main skill areas; reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Through automated tests hosted within our portal, via an internet browser, students undertake examinations of their reading and listening skills. The portal is equipped with advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) proctoring and security measures to reduce cheating and to secure a student’s responses.

A student’s writing capabilities are examined through a unique writing task conducted within the portal. Security measures are in place as a student completes this element, with their submission assessed by a human examiner.

The student’s final examination is a speaking test with a live examiner. Examiners conduct a 20-minute speaking examination over video call. The examiner who conducts the final test will also have examined the student’s writing task, and have a full report on the student’s performance to date. This examiner is also responsible for determining the student’s overall results and providing a full report.

What are the benefits of the ELLT portal?


We have designed the ELLT portal to be accessible to students anywhere in the world. As many parts of the world experience less than ideal internet access our portal is designed to operate within low bandwidth environments while maintaining the secure proctoring. Students can conduct their tests in environments with an internet connection as low as 3Mbps/3G.

Timely results

Available 24/7 students can complete their tests in a time that suits their schedule. Students and universities also have access to their results at any point, shortening the time required for admissions teams to provide students with placement offers.

University portals

Our university partners have access to their unique portal in which their students preside. Our partners can review the progress and results of their students in real time, cutting through the time and proof documentation requirements for university entry.

The future

The Oxford International ELLT portal represents a new way forward for students and universities alike. We do know that we will continue to face new challenges, but overcoming accessibility difficulties ensures we can help students continue their higher education without disruption.

Take the next steps in securing the future for your students with our robust English language testing, find out how you can become a partner today.

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