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Course Description

The British Council accredited Junior syllabus is now available as a one to one tuition or closed groups course. Through this course junior students are encouraged to feel more confident with their English language abilities. 

Course Structure

Each course will focus on helping students to feel confident with their English language level.

A1 Elementary

Ability to exchange information that relates to basic tasks in familiar and routine situations.

A2 Pre-Intermediate

In relevant social contexts, students will be able to understand and communicate with others.

B1 Intermediate

An understanding of clear speech and ability to converse about a variety of familiar topics, expressing opinions, explanations, plans and reasons.

B2 Upper Intermediate

A strong understanding of intricate texts and the ability to create coherent discourses using a wide range of vocabulary and grammatical constructions.

C1 Advanced

Fluent and accurate discussions on a variety of topics whilst knowing differences in register and emphasis. Ability to demonstrate a wide variety of organisational and structural devices and vocabulary.

C2 Proficiency

This is an advanced level of English and indicates the student can communicate with fluency and sophistication similar to a native speaker.

Course Options

Juniors Intensive Course – 2 weeks

Adhering to a strict timetable, the Juniors Intensive course requires 20 hours of study over 2 weeks. This short-term language booster provides English lessons for kids who may be preparing to take an English exam in their home country.

Juniors Semi-Intensive Course – 6 weeks

This steady paced, semi-intensive course is designed to provide English tuition for kids over a long-term period enabling stable language development and progression. Over the course of 6 weeks, students will complete 1 junior Digi-book by taking 18 hours of tutor-led classes.

Our Approach

We aim provide engaging and encouraging lessons that cover a variety of topics that relate to our students interests and lives whilst aiding their development. These lessons are split into two categories: Language for Life and Language Study. 


Language For Life

Students will develop transferable skills that will benefit them in real life situations outside of the classroom. Topics range from numeracy, creative skills, work skills, cultural awareness and citizenship.

Language Study

Focusing on the building blocks of the English language, we help to increase students’ communicative competence by building upon the knowledge they have and enlarging their vocabulary through practice in real-world context and activities.

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Academic Information

When booking this courses you will need to select the book to be studied based on the level the student requires. The below options will appear in the drop down list on the booking form. Description of the levels can be found at the top of this page.


Beginner Book 1

Level A1

Beginner Book 2

Level A1

Pre-Intermediate Book 1

Level A2

Pre-Intermediate Book 2

Level A2

Intermediate Book 1

Level B1

Intermediate Book 2

Level B1

Upper Intermediate Book 1

Level B2

Upper Intermediate Book 2

Level B2

Advanced Book 1

Level C1

Advanced Book 2

Level C1

Proficiency Book 1

Level C2

Course Details

1 to 1

1 to 1

Closed group 3+

Closed group 3+

2 weeks

6 weeks

2 weeks

6 weeks