Oxford ELLT Preparation Course

Oxford ELLT Preparation Course


Prepare for your Oxford English Language Level Test (Oxford ELLT) with our preparation course. You’ll receive expert guidance on the techniques you can use to succeed when you take the test. We help you to be as well-prepared as you can be by focusing on the four areas of the test – reading, listening, writing, and speaking. What’s more, you can complete your preparation 100% online meaning you can access the support and resources you need without even leaving home!
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Why you should choose our Oxford ELLT Preparation Course

About you: You know you have to take your Oxford ELLT soon to show you have the right level of English before joining your university course. But you don’t want to just hope you get the right result – you want to give yourself the best possible chance of success with expert support. When you join the Preparation Course, you’ll receive support on all the assessment areas of the Oxford ELLT: the automated reading and listening components, the writing assessment, and the speaking assessment.

The course is delivered over four sessions (Monday – Thursday), with course dates running every two weeks. You can register for the Oxford ELLT at any time so make sure you are ready to complete the test once you have completed your Preparation Course. The Oxford ELLT is accepted as evidence of English language ability by many leading universities in the UK.

How it works
Delivered over three sessions with the option to complete the course over either 3 days or 3 weeks
60-90 minute sessions to quickly give you the information you need to succeed
Learn strategies and techniques to help you succeed in Oxford ELLT
Receive feedback from an Oxford ELLT examiner so you can be as well-prepared as possible
Study 100% online so you can prepare from the comfort of your own home
Student Satisfaction

Course Structure & Dates

Course Details

You’ll study the course over four sessions (Monday – Thursday):

  • Monday: Course Overview & Listening Test
  • Tuesday: Oxford ELLT Portal Overview & Reading Test
  • Wednesday: Writing Assessment & Mock Test
  • Thursday: Speaking Test & Live Practice

All sessions include self-study homework, to be completed during the course for tutor review.

The Oxford ELLT Preparation Course is run every 2 weeks. Upon booking, our admissions team will inform you of the next available start date. Sessions are run at 09:30 am UK time.


Your first session will give you an overview of the course and prepare you for the Oxford ELLT reading assessment. You will learn about the different question types and types of audio tracks you will hear.

Your second session will help you with your writing technique and skills and you will also have practice examination examples to work through.

Your final session will prepare you for your speaking test and you will learn techniques to confidently succeed when you take your Oxford ELLT.


The Oxford ELLT Preparation Course costs £75.

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Entry requirements

There are no specific entry requirements for the preparation course. However, we would expect that you are planning on taking the ELLT in the future. You do not need to have booked your ELLT prior to taking the preparation course, but if you want to visit the ELLT page.

Minimum CEFR: B1/IELTS: 4.0

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The level of teaching, experience and patience from the course providers was absolutely incredible. It was intense, there was a lot to learn in a short space of time, but it was structured to ensure it was taught and consumed at an attainable pace. It was extremely rewarding.
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Frequently asked questions

No, you do not need to have booked your Oxford ELLT prior to starting the Oxford ELLT Preparation Course.

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