Aviation English Test Preparation

Aviation English Test Preparation


Our courses will help you to thrive in your Aviation English Language Tests (EALTS) which you will need if you want to pursue or maintain a career in aviation. With a wide range available, we have something to prepare every individual. Whether you’re looking to refresh your knowledge of the exam or require longer language education, our qualified and experienced English language teachers have the expertise to help you build confidence and achieve your highest score.

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About you: As a professional in the aviation industry, you are regularly required to provide evidence of your English language competency. You could be an air traffic controller, commercial flight crew or a pilot and you need to complete your EALTS to meet industry requirements.

The EALTS for non-native English speakers assesses the English language skills of speaking and listening in the context of aviation and aeronautical communications. Both parts will assess your ability to communicate in English, which allows organisations to determine the extent to which their employees can meet the ICAO Language Proficiency Standards required in the aviation industry.

How it works
Aviation focused learning which prepares you for the EALTS using situational and contextual learning related to the aviation industry
Flexible study options to suit your requirements and availability - 4 course options available
100% online - decide which course works for you and be confident you're well-prepared
Take practice exams and learn exam techniques to help you succeed
Complete activities at your own pace and at times that work for you
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Course Structure & Dates

Preparation Course Options

Study four 1-hour lessons to understand more about the EALTS test.

  • You’ll be able to familiarise yourself with the EALTS test components and how to address each test criteria:
  • Understand the structure of the exam
  • Take part in detailed run-throughs of each component
  • Understand the assessment criteria
  • View examples of the assessment and discuss the performance of students to see what you should do and what not to do

You’ll study 10 x 1-hour lessons over 2 weeks.

This preparation course helps you prepare for the EALT using situational and contextual learning related to the aviation industry. You’ll practise the main examination skills and gain confidence for taking the EALT:

  • A thorough course designed to give you greater confidence in approaching each test component
  • Experience trial question and answer sessions, and practice working on listening assessments with a partner, just like the real exam
  • Customised learning with bespoke language input tasks set by your teacher

You’ll study five 90-minute lessons per week and can choose to study 1 to 4 weeks.

You’ll study live lessons with a qualified English language teacher and participate in situational and contextualised learning. You will practise the English language skills required for success in the EALTS and the workplace, including:

  • Daily classes for students aiming at ICAO levels 4 and 5 (or equivalent)
  • Exposure to industry language and immersive listening tasks to gain confidence
  • On-going assessment and recommendations from your class teacher
  • Customised learning with bespoke language input tasks set by your teacher

Please contact us to study this course.

Experience the EALT examination online before taking the test in person. Our qualified examiners will introduce you to the test and provide feedback on your performance. The online practice test can be added to your preparation course to give you confidence before you take your in-person examination.

Test Centre

Your EALTS examinations must be taken in person at an accredited EALTS Testing Centre. Oxford International’s English Language schools in Greenwich, London is the only accredited test centre in the south of England and only 20 minutes from central London. Book your EALTS with us at

If you can’t take your test in London at our approved test centre, you can take your test at other locations listed at www.ealts.com


Our range of English for Aviation courses cost:

  • 4-hour Familiarisation Course – £125
  • 10-hour Preparation Course – £295
  • English for Aviation Course – £475 per week
  • Online Practice Exam – £160

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End Date



10 hour preparation course
4 hour familiarisation course
10 hour preparation course
10 hour preparation course

The EALTS is the language proficiency testing system developed and administered by Language Testing and Assessment Services (LTAS). LTAS has been approved and certificated by UK CAA as complying in all respects with the Test Service Provider requirements contained in ICAO Doc. 9835 Manual on the implementation of the ICAO Language Proficiency Requirements.



Our English School located in Greenwich, London, is the only test centre accredited by the UK Civil Aviation Authority (UK CAA) in the south of England. Located only 15 minutes from central London, our Greenwich school is the ideal location to take your EALTS examination.


London Test Centre Location:
259 Greenwich High Road, Greenwich, London, SE10 8NB, United Kingdom

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Entry requirements

The EALTS is recommended for qualified and experienced aviation professionals or for those coming to the end of their professional training and require an internationally recognised assessment of their English for Aviation language proficiency.

The EALTS does not assess formulaic radiotelephone phraseology, neither does it assess your operational skills or specific technical knowledge. Although a test of language and not a test of procedure, the EALTS is not recommended for beginner aviation profession trainees or candidates unfamiliar with aviation operations.
You will need access to a laptop or smartphone with a webcam and audio capabilities
You will need access to a reliable internet connection

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Frequently asked questions

Your EALTS examinations must be taken in person at an accredited EALTS Testing Centre. Oxford International’s English Language schools in Greenwich, London is the only accredited test centre in the south of England and only 20 minutes from central London. Book your EALTS with us at https://www.oxfordinternationalenglish.com/school/london-greenwich/

Yes! We provide a practice examination course that will allow you to take a practice version of the examinations. Our experienced English language teachers will also provide you with your assessment and detailed feedback on your English language competency and areas of improvement.

There are versions of the EALTs for the following professions:

  • Flight crew
  • Air traffic controllers
  • Pilots of fixed-wing heavy aircraft
  • Pilots of fixed-wing light aircraft
  • Pilots of rotary-wing heavy aircraft
  • Pilots of rotary-wing light aircraft
  • Ground and tower controllers
  • Approach controllers
  • En-route controllers

These variations are designed to ensure you are familiar with the scenarios used in your assessment and do not require different language training or test preparation. It is your responsibility to let us know which test you would prefer to take.

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