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As an official partner of LanguageCert, we provide the UK Visa SELT Exam Preparation Course. If you need a SELT for a UK  visa application, whether to live, work or study in the UK then this preparation course will help you to understand what’s required to pass a Secure English Level Test (SELT).

What does this course involve?

All visa types and SELT exams covered

Course Format Options: 4 Skill Course


Initial language assessment


Writing overview & practice


Reading overview & practice


Listening overview & practice


Speaking overview & practice

Course Format Options: 2 Skill Course


Initial language assessment


Speaking 1 overview & practice


Speaking 2 overview & practice


Listening 1 overview & practice


Listening 2 overview & practice

We are a recognised Examinations Registration Centre

Benefits of studying this course

How the course works

This course is designed to assess your level and if you are ready to pass the exam. You will be given examples, mock tasks, information on how the exam works and how to book the exam. The course is structured as follows: 

SELT Exam Centre Locations

Course Details

1 to 1

5 Hours


Candidates booking the course and exam with Oxford International also receive a 10% discount on the LanguageCert SELT

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