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Our courses are delivered fully online, which means you can access them from anywhere in the world. This is particulary important if you are facing travel restrictions.

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Our courses provide a greater focus on English language for academic purposes and are designed to complement university-level study and the skills required to succeed.

Individual Attention

Each student is unique, and our personalised approach to you and your learning goals means that you receive individual attention and feedback that helps you improve faster.​

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What Our Students Have to Say

It was an awesome experience. The modus operandi of the test in which it was organised was very explicit and vivid. Additionally, my speaking assessment experience was undoubtedly great. Examiner was very polite and her way of taking assessment was really friendly. Overall, my experience was very good and the administration is very cooperative as well."
My experience doing the ELLT was very pleasant. The application process is very simple and easy to understand, with full guidance via email. The assessment of writing, speaking and the online test were all well explained. Also the results were clear and received quickly. I'm very pleased.
From Greece

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