English for Customer Service

Course Highlights

Course Description

English for Customer Service is a short English language course for employees in customer-facing roles. Learn and practice the English skills required in the service industry and gain confidence in using English in the workplace.

Course Structure

Learn English and develop the skills required to work in the customer service industry.

Tutor-led tuition

20 hours of tutor-led online lessons supported with additional self-guided study materials.

Specialised Materials

Course materials have been developed by an industry professional with over 10 years in customer service.

Situational learning

All students will have the opportunity to roleplay and learn with real-world situational examples.

What we offer

This course can be studied one to one for individual support or in a closed group. During these sessions you will explore and develop the English skills required for the customer service industry through situational learning.  Learn techniques and gain confidence in tackling everyday issues, from handling complaints to tackling issues with phone and email communication and more.

Why take this course?

This course is designed to help you learn the language and techniques employed by customer service professionals to engage with customers. You will learn the skills, etiquette and terminology relevant to the service industry and practice skills including troubleshooting, written and spoken communication, and professional communication techniques. 

What's included

  • 20 hours of tutor-led classes

  • Specialised course materials prepared by industry professionals

  • Flexible learning – choose your time and days and number of hours

  • Online tutor-led classes with additional self-guided study materials

  • Access to the Virtual Learning Campus for course duration + 2 weeks access post-course

Course Details

1 to 1

Closed group 3+

20 hours

20 hours



Improve your English while gaining experience, techniques and confidence in serving your customers.

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